Sankofa Kitchen!

As a native of Lee County, AL, food & music have always been by two loves. Both are essential to African descent culture and I am beginning to explore the great possibilities when the two merge. I grew up singing in the choir and playing piano at my father's church on Sundays and helping my grandparents chop wood, buy groceries, and prepare all meals for their bustling BBQ house called "Corner Que" during the weekday. From the tender age of 10 all the way until I was 19, I filled every position from picking the crops to line cook to head chef (only when Grandma was on her day off) to cashier. I also had the reputation of being the cook in the family for big gatherings, if a loved one was ill, for church and community functions, and mostly for my parents after they would come in from a long day of work. That family cooking experience instilled the love of cooking for others deep into my bones. I would love to share my recipes with others and hopefully learn a few things along the way. You will not be disappointed by any meal or experience from the kitchen of Desmond Scaife, Jr.

Peace :D

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