Nada Defaa

Moroccan food is an adventure to your table, it's a different way of eating with different flavor combination including sweet, savory spices. To many Americans the term couscous is a side dish but in Morocco it refers to whole dish made usually with meat, vegetables cooked in a delicious broth served with steamed couscous.

As a girl growing up in Morocco. I knew when someone was making it in the neighborhood. A familiar aroma will fill the air around the house and beyond. It will come and go, each time with different smells; saffran, cinnamon, and ginger, simmering meat, squash and carrots, all carried in the steam of couscous. My experience with couscous growing up was very traditional . I grew up watching and learning how to cook from my mother and my grandmother who always said: when you cook, it's made with hands and comes from the heart. Making couscous is an expression of love, generosity and hospitality, let me bring this experience to your home.

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