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About Us

2014 was the year that changed everything. Jeremiah and Lisseth, the founders of Nichef, concluded that they wanted to leave a legacy that would not just allow people to remember them, but change lives for generations too. The founders wanted to enhance themselves as humans, which is how their non-profit Abroaden was born. They travelled to Peru, where they were touched by the invigorating impact they managed to make on people’s lives. But still – they wanted more. Returning back to the corporate world after such an eye-opening experience made them realize how desperate they were to replace routine with change.

So, they made the big move, selling everything, obtaining long-stay visas and booking a one-way ticket to Europe. With 4 suitcases, their puppy Paco and welcomed uncertainty in their hearts, they left. They trusted fate, learning to go with the flow whilst traveling across the old continent. The founders’ vision of connecting people and cultures through positive experiences and quality food was slowly coming to life.

That’s how the idea for Nichef was born, selling not just a plate food…but an experience. Not just an experience, but the opportunity for chefs to make money while expanding their networks. This is not catering, and it’s certainly not some pizza delivery service. This is world-class service, available to (and affordable by) everyone. The fact that Nichef is environmentally-conscious and 100% sustainable is an added bonus.

Becoming a chef on Nichef automatically gives chefs the chance to create their own niche in their area. Expressing one’s unique soul through exquisite food that embodies character has never been easier. Get inspired. Help and be helped like never before. Join Nichef today!

The Nichef Experience

Nichef is introducing a peer-to-peer marketplace that aims to bring a spectrum of cultures together through authentic culinary experiences. Some may be looking for them, some may be able to provide them, and we’ve heard the globe’s call for a place that joins the dots and contributes towards the bigger picture. The unique Nichef platform ignites a seamless, smooth transaction from the get-go to the finish line, with but a handful of steps that bring food from mastermind to table in just a few clicks.

As a Foodie  you have the opportunity to connect with awesome people who enjoy cooking and will make you a unique meal experience while you relax or learn how to make it.

As a Chef  you have the opportunity to create your own menu, set your own prices & availability and take home 87% of your earnings.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at or book a call with us here